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Photos/Videos sharing made easy

We often need to send/share multiple photos with multiple people… so we draft big messages on WhatsApp and attach multiple photos

This process is tedious, error-prone and not effective. as it does not gets the response we expect.

And people receiving 15-20 photos from a number is irritating. 

1) so either they would not download (owing to device space issues or some other reason) and 2) even if they download, they would delete it in some time. 

Gradually they start ignoring your messages which is not good for your business.

How to handle this differently and make it much more organized? 

We can tell you an easy way to post the information on your website and share this link with anyone multiple times  

see example:

This is how your WhatsApp message would look like

This is how your Facebook post would look like

What are the benefits of such a solution?

1. Much reduction in efforts: instead of sharing multiple photos and message you have to email just ONCE 

2. People would not get irritated by your messages as you are not pushing heavy content, yet communicating the same message 

3. All your older posted messages remain on your website for using it later 

4. You get your own domain/online space in your chosen name (like

5. Cost (quite reasonable): Just 500/- p.m. (all inclusive, first year) and Just 400/- p.m. (all inclusive, next year onwards)

For more details: Call/WhatsApp: 99933 99180
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